There are people in this world who have been talented singers by following music theoretically and practically while there are some who are born with talent.
Out of all, Hiran Kariyawasam is one unique kind of a singer who identified the real rhythm of music.

Biography :
My hometown is Bandarawela and now I am residing in Kelaniya.
I studied at Bandarawela Central College and followed the Maths stream for my Advanced Level (A/L) examination.
I successfully passed the A/L examination and attended to Colombo University, Faculty of Computer Science. In year 2006, I obtained the graduation from the University Of Colombo School Of Computing.After completing my degree I joined Sampath Bank and currently working as a Software Engineer.
Music Career :
I have followed Voice training workshop, which was conducted by Kasun Kalhara while I was an undergraduate at the campus. I have improved my instrumental skills by learning the guitar from Tharanga and Sanjaya.
Afterwards I joined with Romesh and Lakshan to further develop my music career. They helped to improve my music career, both in singing and presentation.

1st Song - Bambari audio / video released in 2006
Song Title : Bambari
Music: Kasun Kalhara
Lyrics: Kelum Srimal
Video: Amila G for Kruththi Creations
My View about this song:
This song is about love though it talks of a rare side that is not mostly touched by many other writers or singers.
It is about a girl who is seeking love from many lovers and ultimately ruining her life.

2nd Song - Kiyude released in 2008
Song Title : Kiyude
Music: Romesh Sugathapala
Lyrics: Nandana Wickramage

My View about this song:
This song is all about pure love which touches everyone s heart & also about the true Love which cannot be hidden or given up for any reason.

2nd Song - Kiyude (Album Version) released in 2010
Song Title : Kiyude
Music: Romesh Sugathapala
Lyrics: Nandana Wickramage

Group Songs
Song Title : Heen Seeruwe - Released in 2010
Music: Romesh Sugathapala
Lyrics: Shehan Galahitiyawa



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