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FawZan , who was born on 12th September 1990 is a young solo artist in the modern music field . He is a versatile young man , highly computer literate, but bestowed with a flair for music, has shown his inherent abilities in the field of music.

While studying in a reputed international school , he took part in many school and inter-school music competitions , he composed 4 audio songs as his debut attempt which were a success and played in leading tracks in FM stations,

Keeping a giant step in his ambitious career, he travelled overseas for a music concert . In another instance he took part in inter school singing and dancing competitions and eastern and western percussion competitions representing his school and won 1st place , which was a remarkable achievement in his life .

His sole ambition, while remaining a musician is to complete his degree in Audio Engineering and thereafter release his maiden CD

Contact - 0773525856
Email - djfawzanmusic@yahoo.com



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