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Childdrum As you know the band consists of a collection of talents and a bunch of guys who believe in the true spirit of music and all of them with born talent developed in to somewhat perfection that can create music that satisfies.

Short Story About Childdrum
Childdrum is an audio and visual production unit, was initially found 2005 November by Thanweer, Rushard, Careem and John, with the first born Track as Aadaree Namayen. all from various styles and groups and immediately joined forces with another talented set of individuals; Gayan, Chathura, & Dunesh all of whom were in their own right talented musicians in singing and in instruments, powerful talent unrecognized in the industry at that time.

Childdrum strongly believes that only talented people should come and remain in this industry, because music is a universal language and it was found by humans to express emotions when words are hard to come by.

D STUDIO CMB - Production team
D Studio is a young agency with a vibrant, creative team that has caught the interest of several top companies in a variety of fields in the local market. Working with leading local and international brands, D Studio has also managed to capture the hearts and minds of the various various target audiences of their respective client s brands, making a considerable impact on their bottom lines.
D Studio also has, in its short life-span, infused fresh ideas in to the industry as a whole, revolutionizing the thinking and pushing the boundaries to new heights, breaking the mould, changing the accepted norms of the industry.

Our mission | to be the pioneer in sri lanka s music industry.
Our vision | to define music in it s original terms.

Irshan Careem Manager | Producer | Video Director
Thanweer Qishor Music Director
Mohammad Rushad Music Director
John Perera Vocalist | Melody Composer | Lyrics Writer | Key s
Chatura Perera Rap Artist | Lyrics Writer
Dunesh Thrikawala Vocalist | Lead GTR
Gayan Dirluk Vocalist

The way of Success
1. Nil Tharu - Music/Lyrics/Vocals: CHILDDRUM | Mixed By: Ranga D (2005)
2. Sarasee - Music/Lyrics/Vocals: CHILDDRUM | Mixed By: Ranil Goonawardane (2005)
3. Sandawathiye - Music/Lyrics/Vocals: CHILDDRUM | Mixed By: Rangana D (2007)
4. Sandawathiye Music Video – Music Video Directed and Produced by: CHILDDRUM (2007)
5. Gee Rawe - Music/Lyrics/Vocals: CHILDDRUM | Mixed By: Rangana D (2008)
6. Mayavee - Music/Lyrics/Vocals: CHILDDRUM | Mixed By: Rangana D (2009)
7. Kelle - Music/Lyrics/Vocals: CHILDDRUM | Mixed By: Nisal Gangodage D (2010)
8. Colamba Wate – Colombo Ride 3D Mobile Game theme Song (2011)
9. Jaya Gosata Rock wemu - ICC Cricket World Cup Song with nathasha Perera, Dinesh K, Rukshanmark, Shan Haseem, Percy perera
10. Kawda Malli - Another unique Experience with the Legend Nihal Nelson (2011)

Our Achievements

1. CHILDDRUM GEE RAWE Debut Music Album Released on 2009 May 18th

(Under M Entertainment Record Label)

Maharaja Network
1. Y FM Anniversary & Hour Break jingle - Gee Rawe 2008
2. Y FM U&Y Morning Programme Jingle - 2008
3. Y FM Mulin Apen Programme Jingle - 2008
4. Sirasa TV Kageda Gee Nada Theme Song - 2008
5. Sirasa TV Y Café Theme Song and Launch Live Show for Sirasa 11th Anniversary - 2009

1. Hello Sri Lanka Theme Song – 2009
2. MusicX Chat Show Theme Song – 2009

Rydham FM
1. Sindu Handawa Jingle – 2009

Sirasa TV
YCafe 1st Anniversary Programme jingle - 2009

Channel C
1. Channel C Theme Jingle - 2010
2. Chart Show Theme Song – 2010

Youth Radio
1. Lovers time and
2. 1st Anniversary main jingle
3. 2nd year Anniversary Song - 2011

1. Rise and Shine programme Jingle - 2011

2nd Audio Album Release - August 2011
Album title as a Kelle Step II - with 13 Fresh Audios
under Maharaja Entertainment Label
Includes Super Hits: Kelle, Kawda Malli and Colombo Wate songs
Mix and Mastered by: Nisal Gangodage

Music Videos:
1. Colomba Wate 3D: Produced by: GTS games Studios
Production & Directed by: D Studio CMB

2. Jaya Gosata Rock Wemu: Produced by: GTS games Studios
Production & Directed by: D Studio CMB

3. Kawda Malli: Produced by: Childdrum
Production & Directed by: D Studio CMB

We Do Productions
Commercial Songs, Movie Songs and background Scoring, Music Composing & Arrangement for Musicians, TV, Radio & Film, Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Lyrics Writing, Script Writing, Video Productions and Visual Designing

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Mobile: +94 77 333 4320



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