Occupation : Television Presenter, Anchor, Video Director, Actor, Video Jockey, Musical Event Organizer

Lahiru Mudalige : Former Radio Jockey and now a Video Jockey ,Television Anchor, Music Video Director, Lyrics writer and Actor, Lahiru Mudalige began as TV presenter in Swarnavahini Musical Program Gee TV which catapulted him to fame and he moved on to become a VJ on Swarnavahini anchoring popular shows and events on television like Hada Radi Peya, Coffee with Lahiru and Muditha , Hithata Vadina Eka and Mega Star. Lahiru was a pioneer in introducing day time musical shows to Sri Lanka where he went around the country with his Hada Radi peya Musical show which attracted massive crowds to musical shows in day time. Lahiru has also hosted Hada Radi Peya in countries like USA,UK,Australia and Dubai. Apart from that he has hosted various other musical shows in countries like Italy, Qatar, Dubai,Scotland ect. Lahiru also hosted TV shows in Australian channel Sky box and London Channel 31. Lahiru was also interviewed by the BBC World Service radio about the Sri Lankan Music Industry, He is one of the most popular TV anchors in Sri Lankan Television and is also popular Music video director with his own production company Hary Creations.

Early Life

Lahiru is a native of Kandy. He studied at Sri Sumangala Kandy and D.S.Senanyake College Colombo. He majored in Business Management. Lahiru is a college colours man for Badminton representing Sri Lanka Schools. He was also a founder member of young social work group Youth Collective , an organization which worked hardly after the Tsunami in 2004. He has conceptualized and enacted in Debating/ Presenting and won prizes Interschool level.


His first job was a Radio Jockey at Raja FM. He hosted the famous late night shows in Raja. After radio, Lahiru moved on to become a Video Jockey on Swarnavahini with Gee Tv, Hada Radi Peya, Coffee with Lahiru and Muditha. He also worked in many other Swarnvahini shows as well like Mega Star, Dancing Star. As his Career with Swarnavahini continued with VJing in shows like Music TV, Hithata Wadina Eka, his career took off as an administrator with Lahirubeing appointed as the Manager Promotions for EAP Networks.Hada Radi Peya musical show fetched him a lot of appreciation and exposure in the entertainment world and he won both critical acclaim and the love of the masses because of the show.Apart from this, he got his first Movie break with Soduru Wasanthaya Directed by famous film director Roy Silva. Lahiru also acted in the famous TV Mega Tele series like Jivithaya Lassanai and Ruwan Maliga.

Hary Creations

Founded in February 2010, Hary Creation is a Video Production enterprise, which handles all types of film and television productions: feature films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos. Lahiru with his creative team have produced several award winning Music Videos and Documentaries in the past two years. Hary Creation also plays important role in Ringing tone market in Sri Lanka providing high quality songs to mobile providers.




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