Shane Zing Karunarathne is a singer, songwriter & composer emerged into the Sri Lankan western and oriental music industry approximately around a decade ago, a fresh and enthusiastic new comer with a passion and a motive to be among the best performers in the country.

Few years after of his debut performance, his energetic performances became well known in the music scene and afterwards he has performed on the same stage with his musical role models and artists who have inspired him to become a performer.
Looking back at the long hard road he has no regrets in the pain and the hard days since his motto is No pain No Gain.

Therefore he continues to strive towards his goals and keeps pushing limits and boundaries and always challenges himself to novelty and creativity in his work as a musician, and an artiste.

Whether it is an audience of twenty people or some twenty thousand he makes sure that they are entertained & SATISFIED the same way at the end of the day.



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