When he first started music, he began to explore music mainly through self-learning and discovery. When Shehan left school , he was lucky enough to get the chance to learn music from the professionals of the country. With the experience he had gained, he was confident enough to make his voice hear in the Sri Lankan music landscape. 

He achieved this by releasing his first single - Leesha; a musical narration of an unknown Russian love story. He got the chance to produce its music video - Leesha of Leningrad  using new technology giving the audience a brand new cinematic experience. Since Leesha, he has started working on several other musical creations leading to his debut music album. 

Classical and contemporary styles of singing enabled him to gain prominence within the domain of young emerging artists of Sri Lanka. After the success of Leesha, he also contributed his voice to  Hiru sina seluwa , a title song of a very famous tele-drama which was telecasted on Sirasa TV, which was critically acclaimed. Also he got the privilege to compose the official valentine song of Youth Radio namely  Hangena dhe kondhuranna  which became a top hit in a few days.

In addition to this, he has performed in three concerts namely  Leesha  and  Sande mang  which were held at the Ananda College and University of Colombo. Besides these creations, he now works on commercials, music direction, and composition. He patiently strives towards his objective of offering something unexpected and different to the hearts and minds of music fans all around Sri Lanka.

He is determined to make a significant impact on the musical culture of Sri Lanka.



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