Born on the 05th of January 1987, Dilshan Senajith Samarasinghe, son of Mr. Ajith Samarasinghe & Mrs.Shamalee Samarasinghe has a passion and talent for music and has captured the local music world with his spectacular performance.

With the talent and passion for music Dilshan crawls in the field of music with the days in school with the active participation in organizing and taking part in various music events organized at school. He learns his ABC in music with his entrance to the primary band Ananda College in which he gains his academic education. Being a member of the primary band Dilshan learns the difference between ethnic and ancient music plus gets an insight into what actually what music is and its basic essence. There Dilshan begins his career in music with the support of his teachers, family and friends. As a student he takes part in many singing and instrumental competitions, at the end where he ended up being the winner of many of the competition in which he participated.

Dilshan on his path to success as a young and enthusiastic singer wins the All Island  singing and Instrumental  Competition in the year 2002 which was organized by Mahanama College. Further strengthening and as a boost to his music career Dilshan gets the chance to take the initiative in organizing  Miyasiya 2005  and he was also selected as the chief of the Ananda college Music circle (ACMC) where he contributes his best to the school s music field as an exemplary leader. He was also the pioneer in organizing the band fiesta in his school. Being a active and worthy member of the Dhamma School he was selected as the Head Prefect of the school (Sri wajiragna Dhamma School). Dilshan seizes this opportunity to enhance and enrich his leadership skills and ability. Dilshan then becomes a member of the Band  TYRANT  which won the award in the Best Band Category in the year 2006. Dilshan played the Bass and he was the second main vocalist of the band. The band had good fan comments and in 2007 they participated at Tnl onstage where they were selected for the Semis amidst the tough competitors.

As another achievement of Dilshan, he joins the Red studio productions in the year 2009 which is now the official label and production line of young musician Dilshan Samarasinghe. Dilshan 1st debut audio track is released to the local music lovers. He takes the platform of his hit song  Samugaththath  music video in 2009. Dilshan caters to the different likes of the music lovers in Sri Lanka and quenches the music thirst of all his fans as he can adopt into different music styles. Dilshan s talent goes beyond music as we learn that he is also an undergraduate of IT at the Australian college of Business and Technology.

Dilshan is yet another young, talented and energetic musician who has a passion to thrive in the field of music and earn a place of pride in the field and among his fans while fulfilling and catering to their wishes.  



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