These are the kind of guys who should be wearing capes and spitting fire as they promise a music roller coaster brimming with electrifying tunes that will inspire many fans into the air guitar hall of fame .

- TNL Onstage / TNL Radio FM 101.7

Mihindu  Myya  Ariyaratne - Vocals / Guitars
Tharindu  Mackie  Mathew - Lead Guitars
Loshaarn Bastian - Bass Guitar
Sithija Dilshan - Drums

Originally formed in 2005 and weaving through many line-up changes, a temporary hiatus and a comeback with a lineup ready to kick some serious ass, Nemesis is a band that has stubbornly refused all attempts to pigeon-hole their music into a set genre. 
Nemesis became the winner of the BEST BAND category at TNL Onstage 2008 and lead guitarist was announced as the BEST MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR.
After gathering a huge following in the Srilankan english music scene, Nemesis is now focusing more on the Sinhala music scene as well.
 We firmly believe that music is a universal language and that definitely applies for rock music. Chakithaya is our first step in our new direction and the reviews we received have been fantastic. We d like to thank our friends and fans who have always supported us through out. We are nothing without your support.  
- The Nemesis Team



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