FERN Production is a combination of FERN and Dumidu J.who are professional musicians that delivers modest acclaim for their original music and innovative style.

Their first major production was  Aaa Hamu Nowevi  by FERN, which was the First Sinhalese song ever done by and American Production Team.

THe speciality of that song is that was Produced by and American Artist   Josh Caldwell  and the video was also done by and American Production team Called  Entroptic .

The lyrics and Melody was done by FERN himself and all the Arrengements were done by Dumidu j.  Aaa Hamu Nowevi  song also reached the BBC chart and was nominated for the World Chart show.

After  Aaa Hamu Nowevi  FERN also did another song with Josh. it was called  Sihina Dewagani  which was also a combination of FERN and Dumidu J. since these two songs were done in USA FERN decided to bring that Qulity music to Sri lanka.

as a result of that FERN and Dumidu Started the  FERN PROductions  to deliver their best not only for their songs but for other Artists as well. The first ever production of FERN Production is yet to be released, its called

 Pawee Adei . The uniqness of this song is that FERN and Dumidu Tried to bring out the Same quality level that an American producer delivers in an American Studio. the Video of this song is done by   Thaala Rupa Revalution , one of the best production teams in SL

The intention of FERN Productions is to Deliver quality music to all our fans. if you wish to work with FERN Production or contact please mail to fernproject@gmail.com



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