Introducing the unique multi-talented star in the music industry who is single-handedly trying to make the world more musical… Mohammed Azim Khaliq Ousman aka Azim Ousman aka Young Melody Ent./Records. He was interviewed by the ChoKoLAATe - The Ultimate Teen Magazine (Jan-March issue)

This 22 year old has had his mind set on this industry since he was 13; writing, composing and singing his own songs at home instead of the usual after school activities: sports! He wanted to use his talents and with the green light from his parents and family, his life slowly started to evolve into a complete melody.

When he started off 7 years ago, it was a long bumpy road. The songs were mediocre but through trial and error and many software  s later, the mini dummy tracks got better and much much better. Being an only child gave him the opportunity to spend endless hours on this with never-deterring encouragement. The discovery of different styles of music and musical options gave Azim a wider range to work with and he used all that knowledge and experimentation to lead him down a prosperous path of composition.

Finally at 19, he had a break through with   Cinderella   – he felt that it hit the perfect balance of lyrics meeting melody! From there on he has been trying out different styles of music and posting them up on Facebook and other sites and getting feedback from friends, friends of friends, and random listeners.

He currently runs his very own partially complete studio of 18 months funded by family and himself through cash he earned by producing songs for other up & coming artists he has gotten to know through Facebook or friends or listeners who have downloaded his music from official music sites such as among others.

Currently, Azim is working on 7 albums plus his solo debut album and spends an average of 13 hours of his day in the studio producing music, composing melodies and writing songs for the artists too. Doing their voice recordings at his studio and arranging vocals then mastering the songs. He hopes to release his album by late next year or before mid 2012, and hopes that the different styles and themes in his album would encourage a renowned record label to sign him and promoted and market his music efficiently.

He is very proud of   Maage Sihine   and   Mokakda Uda?   in Sinhalese and   Cinderella     SuperGirl     One In A Million   and   I Need A Girl   in English. They are available on the fore-mentioned sites as well as on his Facebook pages: Azim or Young Melody. Every new project drives him to do his best and he loves what he does, whole-heartedly.

Azim is extremely grateful to everyone who believed in him, his voice and his abilities to do what he does and says,   Regardless of whether I am to be famous, one thing is for certain, famous I will certainly be, as I continue to carve out my place in music history. And I know the music world will expect great things from me in the future and I will not disappoint! I promise to release one of the year  s most anticipated R  n  B/Hip-Hop/Pop/Dubstep album of 2011 or 2012. I do music not to earn or to be famous. What I need is only to showcase my talents. My sound is me, I have no boundaries when making music, I can compose for all genres.  

The way of success: (Written And Produced/Melody/Music/Mixed/Mastered By Azim O.)
1) Kauda Kauda ft. Tarzan Baappa
2) Paata Paata Thol ft. Sanjeewani Embuldeniya
3) Andakaara Aadare ft. Nejla
4) Numba Ada Enavaanam
5) Mokakda Uda ft. Gunzmore
6) Mithuriyak ft. MaYa Menon
7) Obatai Maa Aadare
8) Maage Sihine

1) Cinderella
2) That Girl ft. Thilina Ruhunage
3) SuperGirl  ft. Nejla & Rajive
4) Will U B My Valentine
5) RockStar 24/7 365
6) One In A Million
7) I Need A Girl
8) 2012 ft. Zahra
9) Tornado ft. MoJo
10) Animal Boy
11) Nehi Jhaana ft. Nejla

Upcoming Gigz:
1) Madurige Coil Eka (Audio)
2) Cinderella (Official Video [50 Wave Video Productions From Italy])
3) Satha Kollo

Other Projects:
1) MAX Radio Television Theme Song
2) Nanastasia Official Trailer
3) Addicted 2 Colombo Nyt Lyf (A2CNL Theme Song) – Coming Soon!

Written / Produced & Featured for other artists:
1) Urshula - Maa Thanivela ft. Azim (Written & Prod. By Azim)
2) Shajid - Napuru Aadare ft. Azim (Written & Prod. By Azim)
3) Ramee - Baila Rajju ft. Azim (Prod. By Azim)
4) Notee Mouth Boyz - Oba Dun Haaduwak ft. Azim (Prod. By Azim)
5) Kris-T   n   MoJo - Party Girl ft. Azim (Written & Prod. By Azim)
6) Imraan - Praane (Prod. By Azim)
7) Gunzmore - Stay Fresh [Re-Mix] ft. Smokani & Azim (Prod. By Azim)
8) Eranga - Nimaya ft. Azim  (Prod. By Azim)
9) Dulanja - Sudu None ft. Azim  (Prod. By Azim)
10) Vidu - Miracle Love ft. Kaushik Milinda, Azim & Clewz

Press Contact & Booking or for Music Productions:
Tel: (+94) 716224349 or (+94) 750893693 – Azim (CEO / Song Writer & Producer of Young Melody Ent./Records)



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