Having composed, produced and directed most of his songs and music videos, Dushyanth has been recognized to have a unique style inspired by Michael Jackson. He encompasses a wide range of vocals. Dushyanth s songs have topped the charts which have enabled him to capture a large fan base in Sri Lanka, among Lankans worldwide and South-Asians. 
  •   Paana Senehasa ,  Jeththu Noney ,  Karaliya ,  Nelum Vilen ,  Mathake Hasarel  and  Vasana Lovak  are some of the recent #1 HIT singles released by Dushyanth and currently he is in the process of finalizing his debut album named  KARALIYA .
  •  In addition to breath taking dancing moves, Dushyanth is gifted with vocals that closely resemble the late King of Pop Michael Jackson. 
  •  Dushyanth open the show for International Canadian Artist  RAGHAV  in 2009. He performed  Billie Jean-Michael Jackson 
  •  Representing Sri Lanka Dushyanth became 2nd RUNNER UP in the  South Asian Super Star  held in India -2008
  •  Representing Sri Lanka Dushyanth was awarded  Excellent Singer s Award  in the 9th Shanghai Music Festival -2006.
  •  Dushyanth was also the proud winner of the Showboat All Island singing competition in year 2000.


Inspired by Michael Jackson, Dushyanth s singing performances are enhanced with dance, where he shocked the nation and proved his skills by winning the  Sirasa Dancing Stars  (SDS) reality TV series and this is the equivalent to USA Dancing with the Stars.
  •  Dushyanth is the founder of  D Star Regiment  a dance/art performance troupe. Teaching for this troupe is conducted by Dushyanth himself at the Western Province Aesthetic Resort. 
  •  Being a self-mastered dancer, Dushyanth produced and choreographed his debut solo concert  KARALIYA . This concert was full of breath taking dancing moves.
  •  Dushyanth is believed to be the most versatile dancer found in Sri Lanka as he proved his skills live on TV(this is believed and commented by many pioneers in the industry and by many fans).
  •  Dushyanth is one of the elite choreographers in Sri Lanka for dancing productions.


Being referred to as a multi-talented personality in Sri Lanka Dushyanth has also excelled in acting.
  •  Dushyanth entered the silver screen playing the lead role in his debut movie titled  Dancing Star .
  •  Dushyanth played the lead role of  Raoul  in  The Phantom Of The Opera 
  •  Dushyanth played  Guttila  in  Guttila-The musical 
  •  Dushyanth played the lead role of  Thomas  in the musical  RAG .


  •  Brand Ambassador for ROLLO. 
  •  Ambassador for  Help World Diabetes  campaign organised by the Sri Lanka Doctors Association 
  •  Ambassador for  Brave Hearts , Project by the Sri Lanka Army  Seva Vanitha Unit  for helping the totally disabled soldiers.
  •  Patriot for Help Lanka Charity organisation
  •  Founder and Director of D-Star Regiment Dance Academy
  •  Founder Director of D-Star Productions (Pvt) Ltd
  •  Director of AWD Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
  •  Voluntary contributor for Sri Lanka Unites organization
  •  Former Executive Director and Head of Marketing of Aspic Entertainment Pvt. Ltd


  •  Dushyanth s target audience has been young adults from ages sixteen to thirty; however, he has influenced audience from ages three to eighty throughout the country. He regularly appears on National TV shows for interviews and performances. Dushyanth has done over 80 interviews/chats appearances on TV and Radio. He has been featured on the cover of nearly 50 different newspapers and Magazines with multiple interviews and coverage from time to time. These newspapers and magazines covers a wide spectrum of all market segments. He is a phenomenon among the young adults for his lively pop music and breath taking dancing moves. He is well respected in Sri Lanka and in South Asia for being a true Michael Jackson inspired artist.


  • During his appearance and winning of Sirasa Dancing Stars (equivalent of USA Dancing with the Stars) Dushyanth won the heads-up finals with an equation of 96% to 4% of votes. Furthermore, Dancing Stars finale had the 2nd highest television viewer rating in the history of the Nation with 12.8 million viewers out of Nation s 20 million population. The 1996 Cricket World Cup finals where Sri Lanka became the world champions, being the first.
  • Sri Lanka is a country with 20 million people out of which only 1million is estimated to be using computers and the internet for all purposes. The Sri Lankan individuals with the most fans on Facebook are the President of the country and his opposition party contestant (59,000 and 61,000 fans respectively). Out of which Dushyanth has over 24,000 fans and growing. Dushyanth is easily among the top 10 popular personal in the nation. In a recent public poll conducted of the popular and favorite Sri Lankan personalities Dushyanth ranked at No.3.
  • Dushyanth s debut solo concert  KARALIYA  had nearly 3000 spectators. This is the first ever concert in Sri Lanka by a solo act from start-to-end. The concert was stage on the 29th of August 2009 as a tribute to late Michael Jackson for his birthday as well. The choreography, music, stage and lighting were arranged using state of the art technology.
  • Dushyanth has toured in UK, USA, Australia, India, UAE (Dubai), China and Korea. Dushyanth has had audiences averaging 1500 in each concert and they were all sold-out concerts. While in India, Dubai and Korea there were more than 5000 fans in each concert. Dushyanth also plans to tour in Europe (Italy, Paris, Greece, and Germany) this year.
  • Dushyanth hosts his own television show on Sri Lanka s largest National Television Channel  Rupavahini . This is a one-hour weekly television show of Dushyanth conducting dancing lessons with the  D Star Regiment , a dance/art performance troupe founded by Dushyanth.

E-mail: info@dushyanth.com
Official website:www.dushyanth.com



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